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custom magnetic closure gift box

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Magnetic closure gift boxes are an elegant and secure form of packaging. magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes give people a comfortable visual color and a luxurious touch that leaves a lasting impression.

custom magnetic closure gift box
2 sets of powerful magnets
Excellent magnetic security

Easily open and close your premium magnetic gift box for get just enough security. Magnetic closure boxes are perfect for creating a more luxurious box experience due to their satisfying and convenient opening mechanism.

Collapsible and non-collapsible magnetic box
Collapsible and non-collapsible magnetic box

Choose a collapsible or non-collapsible magnetic gift box depending on your needs. With the collapsible style, you can reduce shipping costs by 70% and can ship flat. Or, you can choose a non-collapsible style for a more robust structure.

Brand LOGO, color, ribbon, carry handle customization
Personalized surface process additions

High-precision color printing and matte and glossy finishes can be added on top of: Spot Gloss UV, Soft Touch Coating, anti-scratch layer, embossing, and foil stamping


Magnetic gift boxes range from classic black and white to vibrant hues such as red, blue or gold. Choose a color that reflects the theme of your brand or occasion.


Add your logo, brand name, or a personalized message to the box using printing techniques like foil stamping, embossing, or digital printing.


Custom inserts can be added to the box to securely hold your gift in place and provide additional protection. Inserts can be made of foam, paper, EVC or plastic trays


Enhance your magnetically sealed gift boxes with accessories such as ribbons, bows or decorative paper. It can enhance the recipient’s experience of opening the box.

More options for surface processes

Glossy Lamination
Matt Lamination
Touch sensitive protective film
Skin Lamination
Pearl protective film
Colorful Film
Hot stamping
Foil Gold
Local UV
magnetic closure box

Magnetic Closure Gift Boxes: Enhancing Presentation and Convenience

Imagine receiving a beautifully wrapped gift, eagerly unboxing it, and discovering a stylish box held shut by an unseen force. You gently pull it apart, revealing the contents inside—a magnetic closure gift box creates this magical experience.

Secure and Convenient Closure

The magnetic closure mechanism ensures that the gift box remains securely closed during transportation and handling. magnetic boxes provide a hassle-free opening experience without compromising on security.

The solid construction and magnetic closure convey a high-end, luxurious feel, making your gift stand out from the crowd.

magnetic gift box
Magnetic Closure Gift Box

Enhanced Presentation and Unboxing Experience

Magnetic rigid box elevate the presentation of any gift. The seamless closure and sleek design create a sense of anticipation and intrigue for the recipient. Opening a magnetic closure box is like unwrapping a hidden treasure, enhancing the overall unboxing experience.

Versatility and Reusability

One of the key advantages of magnetic gift boxes is their versatility. These boxes come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, making them suitable for a wide range of products and occasions. Additionally, they are designed to be reusable, allowing the recipient to store and repurpose the box for future use.

magnetic gift box

Magnetic gift box case show

From the size, to the color, to the surface decoration effect, you can customize


A magnetic closure gift box is a type of packaging that utilizes magnets embedded within the box structure to keep the lid securely closed. These magnets are strategically placed to create an invisible magnetic force that holds the box shut. When the lid is lifted, the magnets detach effortlessly, revealing the contents inside.

Yes, many magnetic gift boxes are designed to be shipped flat, allowing for easier storage and cost-effective shipping.

While most magnetic seal gift boxes come in standard shapes such as rectangular or square, we can also create custom shapes based on brand requirements. For example, heart, lip, Christmas tree shape or circle

Magnetic closure gift boxes can be suitable for fragile items when combined with proper padding or inserts to ensure adequate protection during transit.

Minimum order for custom brand printing and size is 500PCS.

We also have dozens of sizes and colors in stock without a minimum order quantity. You can contact us for a list to purchase.

The manufacturing time for custom magnetic gift boxes depends on various factors such as the complexity of the design, customization options and the quantity ordered. We are usually able to manufacture within 2-4 weeks.

Quick quote and free samples

Quick quote and free samples

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Quick quote and free samples

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