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Delightful Confections: Unveiling the Uniqueness of Folding Chocolate Boxes

Folding chocolate boxes are more than just containers; they embody sophistication and innovation in the realm of confectionary packaging. Folding magnet boxes have a unique charm and functional appeal.

Uniquely crafted with a foldable design, Folding boxes not only captivate with their aesthetic appeal but also ensure convenient storage and transportation of delicate chocolates.

Folding chocolate box – sweet box

Folding Chocolate Box – Sweet Box
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Chocolate box supplier
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Empty truffle boxes with inserts
Empty truffle boxes with inserts

Beyond safeguarding the delectable treats, Sweet Box master the art of presentation, creating an aura of elegance around the chocolates they encase.

Often made from eco-friendly materials, folding chocolate boxes are an environmentally conscious choice that harmonizes the joy of gift-giving with sustainable practices.

Custom Size

Customize the size and construction to fit your chocolate candies. Suitable inserts are also available.

Custom brands

Allowing personal touches through unique designs, logos, or messages, enhancing the emotional value of the gift.

handles and ribbon

Handles and ribbon trim can be added. It’s a great way to elevate your product to the next level.



The interior of our chocolate fold out box are usually made of 1200-1500 grams of cardboard, depending on the size. Guaranteed hardness and transport safety of the gift box.

Red Magnetic Gift Box


You can choose a foldable or non-foldable magnetic style. Collapsible styles reduce your shipping costs as they are able to be transported flat. Non-collapsible style for a more robust structure

Selection of surface process

The production process of collapsible chocolate box is complicated, including cutting, hot stamping, embossing, UV, laminating and many other aspects. Among them, cutting is to cut the materials into suitable shapes according to the design requirements; hot stamping is to press the metal foil on the surface of the gift box through high temperature to form a metallic pattern; embossing is to press the texture on the surface of the gift box through pressure to increase the three-dimensionality; UV is to dry the ink through UV irradiation to form a smooth surface effect; laminating is to cover the surface of the gift box with a film to increase the performance of waterproof, stain resistance and wear resistance.

Glossy Lamination
Matt Lamination
Touch sensitive protective film
Skin Lamination
Pearl protective film
Colorful Film
Hot stamping
Foil Gold
Local UV
Magnet gift box ribbon

Fold out sweet boxes with ribbon

Red magnetic gift boxes are richly decorated with a variety of elements, including ribbons, metal buckles, crystals and so on. Among them, ribbon is the most common decorative element, which can increase the noble temperament of the gift box; metal buckle has strong practicality and can fix the structure of the gift box; crystal can increase the magnificence of the gift box and enhance the overall grade.


Fold out chocolate box can be customized according to your needs, including size, material, color, pattern, etc. Customized chocolate folding box can better meet the personalized needs of customers and enhance the added value of gift boxes.

Brand LOGO, color, ribbon, carry handle customization

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Folding chocolate boxes redefine the packaging game, blending aesthetics with practicality and sustainability. Their versatility and charm make them a symbol of thoughtfulness and elegance, enriching the experience of gifting delectable chocolates.

Folding Chocolate Boxes are designed and customized to your desired size and shape, ensuring that they can elegantly accommodate chocolates of all sizes and shapes.

Our boxes are made with environmentally friendly materials and are therefore recyclable. We prioritize sustainability without compromising their appeal and protection of chocolate.

Personalization options are plentiful! You can choose from custom designs, logos, colors, and even personalized messages. We also offer printing services so you can customize these boxes for birthdays, weddings, or other events.

Indeed! While they are primarily designed for chocolates, these boxes are versatile. They can be used to package various delicate items like jewelry, small gifts, or artisanal treats, providing an elegant presentation.

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