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Large Mailer Boxes: Redefining Packaging Excellence

Made in China - Global Delivery Experience

As a premier manufacturer of premium packaging solutions, we take pride in offering a diverse range of Large Mailer Boxes. These boxes are meticulously crafted to meet the needs of modern shipping and packaging requirements.

Large Mailer Boxes offer unparalleled security and versatility, making them the ideal packaging solution for various industries.

large mailer boxes
Free Design

Single and Double Sided Printing, Hot Gold and Silver, Varnish or Matte, Embossing and Debossing


Orders start at 500 units to help you test the market with minimal risk. Extensive global mailing experience, no worries.

Custom size

Custom printed mailer boxes of any size to meet the needs of different environments, Free test sample support.

Advantages of Large Mailer Boxes

Our Large Mailer Boxes boast spacious interiors, providing ample room to accommodate bulkier items without compromising on protection.
3 1 - Custom magnet box and Mailer Boxes
Ample Space and Capacity
We specialize in customization, allowing businesses to tailor these Large Mailer Boxes with their branding, logos, or unique designs, enhancing brand visibility.
3 1 - Custom magnet box and Mailer Boxes
Customization Options
Crafted from high-quality materials, these boxes ensure durability and offer secure protection during transit, safeguarding contents from damage.
3 1 - Custom magnet box and Mailer Boxes
Sturdy and Secure
We prioritize sustainability and offer eco-conscious alternatives among our Large Mailer Boxes, supporting environmentally responsible packaging solutions.
3 1 - Custom magnet box and Mailer Boxes
Eco-friendly Solutions
Large Mailer Boxes adhere to shipping standards, ensuring compliance with domestic and international shipping regulations.
3 1 - Custom magnet box and Mailer Boxes
Compliant with Shipping Standards
Our Large Mailer Boxes come with wholesale options, enabling businesses to procure these packaging solutions in bulk quantities at competitive prices.
3 1 - Custom magnet box and Mailer Boxes
Wholesale Options

Quick Quote

Sustainability FrameworkCompostable & Recyclable
Type Large Mailer Boxes
StyleMailer box with Dust Flaps
MaterialPremium White – Brown Kraft and Black Kraft Paper
CertificationFSC Certified
Surface technologyFoil Stamping, Silver Stamping, UV, Embossing and Debossing
Color OptionsCMYK Pantone colours
Ink TypeWater-based & Soy ink
Print ProcessPlate offset printing – non cheap digital printing
Print OptionsInside Only, Outside Only, Inside & Outside
FinishWhite (Matte/Uncoated), Premium White (Glossy/Coated), Kraft (Uncoated)
Custom Mailer Boxes

ECO Friendly Recyclable Cardboard Boxes

We have premium white corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard premium Brown and black
All are FSC and ECO certified and also meet recycling conditions.

Optimization of the board manufacturing process to achieve lighter weight for the same stiffness in order to reduce international transport costs

High Quality Printed Mailer Boxes

We are constantly optimizing the ink adhesion of the print layer to improve the true color reproduction of the printed design.

Selected raw materials combined with Heidelberg advanced printing equipment further enhance the color vibrancy and batch color stability
Laying the foundation for the brand to create a unified VI.

Finishes for Your Boxes
CMYK and CMYK Full Color Printing

Advanced Colour Tracking System

Dear Box introduced a comprehensive color tracking and management system at its inception to ensure uniformity and stability of color for the same batch and repeat production.

8-colour Heidelberg flatbed offset printing press

Class 100,000 clean rooms, quality printing equipment, and colour tracking systems are the prerequisites for perfect prints


We specialize in customization, allowing you to imprint your brand’s logo, design, or any specific elements on our Large Mailer Boxes for a personalized touch.

Our Large Mailer Boxes are designed to handle varying weights, ranging from light to heavy items, ensuring secure transportation without compromising structural integrity.

Yes, sustainability matters to us. Our Large Mailer Boxes are crafted from recyclable and eco-friendly materials, contributing to environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

We provide competitive pricing for bulk orders of Large Mailer Boxes, ensuring cost-effectiveness for wholesale purchases.

Contact us to request samples of our Large Mailer Boxes to evaluate their quality, design, and suitability for your needs before making a bulk purchase.

Reach out to our team! We’ll guide you through the process of placing an order for customized Large Mailer Boxes tailored to your branding requirements.

Yes, our Large Mailer Boxes comply with shipping standards, making them suitable for international shipping, ensuring hassle-free transit globally.

Our Large Mailer Boxes typically come flat-packed for efficient storage and shipping but are designed for easy and convenient assembly upon receipt.

Quick quote and free samples

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Quick quote and free samples

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Quick quote and free samples