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Magnetic Boxes Wholesale

Unlocking Quality: Magnetic Boxes Wholesale

Exploring the unbeatable strength of magnetic boxes available at wholesale rates, balancing quality and cost-effectiveness seamlessly. Suitable for a wide range of applications, our magnet boxes are versatile and designed to meet the needs of different industries and uses.


The unparalleled benefits of magnet boxes provide the perfect balance between quality and cost-effectiveness.

Limitless Possibilities

The magnetic box’s versatile design meets the needs of different brands for promotion and safe transportation.


Our customization service allows magnetic boxes to effortlessly match your brand’s unique logo and dimensions.


FSC Act-compliant raw materials and biodegradable excipients that contribute to sustainable packaging practices.

2 sets of powerful magnets
Excellent magnetic security

Easily open and close your premium magnetic gift box for get just enough security. Magnetic closure boxes are perfect for creating a more luxurious box experience due to their satisfying and convenient opening mechanism.

Collapsible and non-collapsible magnetic box
Collapsible and non-collapsible magnetic box

Choose a collapsible or non-collapsible magnetic gift box depending on your needs. With the collapsible style, you can reduce shipping costs by 70% and can ship flat. Or, you can choose a non-collapsible style for a more robust structure.

Brand LOGO, color, ribbon, carry handle customization
Personalized surface process additions

High-precision color printing and matte and glossy finishes can be added on top of: Spot Gloss UV, Soft Touch Coating, anti-scratch layer, embossing, and foil stamping

More options for surface processes

Glossy Lamination
Matt Lamination
Touch sensitive protective film
Skin Lamination
Pearl protective film
Colorful Film
Hot stamping
Foil Gold
Local UV

magnetic gift box wholesale

Magnetic gift box wholesale options offer a blend of versatility, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness, making them an ideal packaging choice across industries.

magnetic gift boxes bulk

Magnetic Gift Box Wholesale

Explore eco-friendly options and enhance your branding with bulk purchases. Optimize your packaging strategy with our extensive range of magnetic gift boxes.

magnetic flap gift box wholesale

Wholesale selection of quality magnetic flip top gift boxes. Get the best quality customized packaging solutions for every gift giving need.

magnetic closure boxes wholesale

our boxes combine functionality with elegance, providing secure closure and a touch of sophistication to your products.

gift boxes with ribbon wholesale

As a manufacturer specializing in wholesale gift boxes with ribbons, we offer you beautiful packaging solutions!

bulk magnetic gift boxes

bulk magnetic gift - Custom magnet box and Mailer Boxes

Our extensive range of magnetic gift boxes, available in bulk quantities, caters to diverse needs across industries.

white magnetic gift box wholesale

Sophisticated white magnetic gift boxes: perfect for premium presentations and packaging.

black magnetic boxes wholesale

Premium black magnetic boxes: an elegant solution for all your packaging needs. Ideal for luxury items and sophisticated gifts.

red magnetic gift box wholesale

Our red magnetic gift box wholesale collection offers vibrant and premium packaging solutions.

magnetic closure box

Change of rules

In the retail sector, these wholesale magnetic boxes are a game-changer. They provide an elegant display for high-end products, enhancing brand perception and attracting customers. Their reusability adds value, aligning with sustainability trends and reducing environmental impact.

Application of Beauty

Moreover, industries like cosmetics and jewelry find these boxes ideal. The magnetic closure ensures secure packaging, safeguarding delicate items during transit. The customizable nature of these boxes allows businesses to imprint their brand identity effectively, boosting brand recognition.

Magnetic Closure Gift Box
magnetic gift box


For wholesalers, these magnetic boxes offer cost-effective solutions. Bulk purchases lead to significant cost savings, making them an economically viable choice. The ability to tailor these boxes according to specific product dimensions or branding requirements further enhances their appeal.

The need for e-commerce

The demand for magnetic boxes wholesale is steadily rising across e-commerce platforms too. Their sleek design and protective features make them an excellent choice for shipping products securely.

a4 deep green Christmas gift box 1 - Custom magnet box and Mailer Boxes


Absolutely, wholesale orders offer customization options for size, color, and design, ensuring a tailored packaging solution.

Yes, magnet boxes are made of eco-friendly materials and are reusable, helping to reduce packaging waste.

Certainly, their premium finish and secure closure enhance brand perception, creating a positive unboxing experience for customers.

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Quick quote and free samples

Quick quote and free samples

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