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Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

Custom printed mailer boxes are widely used as packaging materials for shipping products. Sophisticated internal and external printing with a reinforced corrugated core makes your goods more attractive to the eye.

Free Design

Single and Double Sided Printing, Hot Gold and Silver, Varnish or Matte, Embossing and Debossing


Orders start at 500 units to help you test the market with minimal risk. Extensive global mailing experience, no worries.

Custom size

Custom printed mailer boxes of any size to meet the needs of different environments, Free test sample support.

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We keep learning and growing for 15 years

Do you have these concerns and worries ?

Bulk and sample hardness is completely different, bulk is soft and thin. Some suppliers gain your trust and sample cooperation by low price, and profit by cutting corners after passing tests with standard samples.

Through background checks, we select manufacturers who have been engaged in manufacturing in specialized fields for a long time and have rich expertise to work with.

1.Low accuracy of printing equipment hardware

2.Printed source design files with low pixels or low accuracy of the printed version

3.Poor color reproduction of printing ink

4.Poor color rendering and inking of printing substrates

In reality, such problems are relatively rare. Most of them occur in small companies, where the production process lacks quality control and incorrect dimensions and designs are delivered.

Our company is ISO9001 certified, and the production process has first article and inspection, as well as the finished product inbound and outbound inspection, to minimize errors and mistakes to zero.

In China, through the environmental certification of the brand ink can pass the ROHS test, both harmful ingredients and odor has been reduced to almost imperceptible, there are also some companies are still using three no products.

The printing quality of printed mailers boxes is directly related to the printing equipment. The printing quality of old and unmaintained equipment will deteriorate day by day. Therefore, it is important to choose a plant that has advanced equipment and quality control.

Standard production processes and production environments reduce surface contamination and product edge damage.
We have a standard clean room and 7S management system

Our production attitude!

Corrugated thickness and hardness meet Chinese standards and international standards.

Whether you are a first-time customer or a long-term brand partner, our printing colors and corrugated thickness and hardness are always the same.

1.Powerful printing equipment hardware is the cornerstone for high accuracy and maintaining color uniformity

2.We employ technicians and highly educated personnel specialized in the printing field to strengthen our production team from theory to practice.

3.We have built our exclusive production process standard and color management system to continuously optimize and refine the production process to reach the satisfaction of every guest.

The combination of high precision molds and automated equipment ensures that the mailer box is accurate in size and easy to fold.

In order to ensure the production schedule and quality control, we set up a mold processing department and built our own mold manufacturing production department

Class 100,000 clean room production standards
Customized safety boxes for different sizes of mailboxes to ensure thorough transportation safety

Interior single side color printing
Black on the outside and color printed on the inside
Internal 1-color printing external color printing
Inner color color printing + outer color printing

Custom printed corrugated boxes are an effective marketing tool to promote your business. Corrugated packaging shows products or services in their best light and is durable enough to protect them from moisture and dust.

Amazing manufacturing speed
Global secure delivery
The price is hard to resist
Product Name:Custom printed mailer boxes(2.16MM-2.36MM)
Material:Standard white/Strengthen white/White kraft paper/Brown kraft paper
Surface technology:Single/double-sided full-color printing Pantone metallized varnish and matte
Production time:5-15 days
Our characteristics:Free design and global delivery

Corrugated Box Surface Process Options

Glossy Lamination
Matt Lamination
Touch sensitive protective film
Skin Lamination
Pearl protective film
Colorful Film
Hot stamping
Foil Gold
Local UV
mailer boxes Design

5 professional designers with 10 years of experience

china printed mailer boxes manufacturers High precision printing and structural design, unforgettable unboxing experience
Printed mailer boxes are one of the most important parts of marketing. printed mailer boxes are available in various shapes, designs and sizes to suit your requirements. The printing on them carries a huge impact as people will never miss these printed labels especially for mailing items at workplace or business places. If you are looking for customized mailer boxes, we have the best solution for you.

Our custom printed mailers are printed with full-color, high-impact UV inks to give your mailers a professional look. Custom printed mailers add style and elegance to your package, making them stand out from the crowd.

custom black mailer boxes

Black corrugated boxes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Black mailers are ideal for high-end brands.

white mailer boxes

White mailers are white and are the perfect base for any color. White is easy to see and read, making it ideal for packages that draw the eye to printed colors.
Kraft paper mailer box

kraft mailer boxes

Natural wood color, with an inherent sense of closeness, conducive to the promotion and publicity of the brand's environmental philosophy. High hardness

Custom printed mailers boxes are ideal for all types of applications, from retail, exhibitions, and events to corporate marketing campaigns.

High quality custom printed corrugated shipping boxes. Our team is experienced in supplying these products. Securely pack your items to ensure they are not damaged during shipping. So whether you are a large-scale commercial brand or a low to the medium-scale self-packing retailer, we can help you with your custom printing requirements.


Most frequent questions and answers

Of course, we are using 8-color Heidelberg and Roland presses to manufacture
Its printing accuracy far exceeds that of general digital printing equipment, and is a great choice for high quality prints, which can print any pattern and Pantone combination

With our custom printed mailboxes, you can display your company’s logo in a professional and stylish way. Our durable, high-quality printing means your mailbox will last for years to come.Contact us

This is a rigorous issue, yet one that is easily overlooked

Because the production of printed mailbox boxes finished with excellent quality is only the beginning of the test of the manufacturer’s ability.

Since mailbox boxes are generally large in size and heavy in volume, many suppliers will save costs on the outer packaging of their products, or even pack them easily, resulting in the probability of damage when you receive your goods.

Our company will customize the outer packaging box for each buyer of custom printed mailbox boxes. This will ensure the safety of the product and also save the volume as much as possible. But relatively, the cost of installing the outer box of packaging will also be averaged into the unit price of the product, so the choice of suppliers can not only be measured by the unit price, you can learn more about the later process and service

Custom Mailer boxes for your business – large or small, we have the perfect size for you! Customizable and durable, these mailers are made to last. It is a great way to advertise your brand quickly in the mail and increase response.

There are many customized packing box factories in China.

We are one of them

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Quick quote and free samples

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Quick quote and free samples